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180 Columbia Center, Columbia, Illinois
Café Hours: Mon to Fri 6am - 2pm | Sat & Sun 7am - 2pm
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Meet Gus the Chef

Meet and Greet! Our powerhouse behind the cafe, Gus the Chef.

Favorite food to cook: Soup, all kinds of soup…trying new soups.

Favorite food to eat: Lettuce. *laughs* Don’t put that. Soups, that’s why I like to cook them. Death row meal though? Grilled ribeye with a balsamic reduction, pan seared foie gras, roasted fingerling potatoes, and grilled asparagus. But I’m a vegan.

Favorite band to listen to while cooking: All classic rock. Sets a good pace to work to.

Inspiration: Perspiration. *laughs* To cook for my friends; I love hanging out and cooking for the people I love.

Place you want to travel to and dine: Asia would be fun, classical Europe, everywhere would be fun…I wanna try it all and learn. Never stop learning.